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Our Solution

ViAqua Therapeutics was established to address the growing need for effective, specific, and affordable health management of diseases in aquaculture. One of the major challenges facing the shift to sustainable aquaculture practice is the prevention and treatment of disease. With the annual loss from disease reaching nearly 20% of revenues, there is an acute need for development and introduction of new technologies.
Our Solution & Technology

ViAqua is developing a biotechnology-based oral delivery platform for targeted administration of RNA-based solutions. 

The Company’s first product will be incorporated into a commercially produced shrimp feed for maintaining the health status of shrimp and improving their ability to cope with viral disease challenges.


The company’s first product is feed supplement for the improved resistance to viral diseases in shrimp, with the initial application against the widespread White Spot Shrimp Virus (WSSV).


RNAi is a non-GMO, hormone-free supplement that is safe for shrimp and humans. It is a non-antibiotic, feed-grade material.

ViAqua utilizes RNAi as a means to maintain the health status of shrimp and improve their ability to cope with viral disease challenges.

Challenges of Oral Delivery

ViAqua successfully solved (and has overcome) a number of challenges to develop a viable orally administered formulation for the improved prevention of diseases in shrimp. The ViAqua platform —
1.    provides protection of the RNA in the aquatic environment,
2.    withstands barriers in the digestive system to ensure effective delivery of the RNA, and
3.    integrates the coated particles for delivery via feed to achieve the maximum effect and to reduce costs. 

Achievements: Additional Milestones 
  • Developed particle formulation that protects the RNA in the challenging aquatic environment 

  • Produced particles that can withstand, and pass through, barriers in the digestive system to deliver the RNA

  • Developed know-how and IP for particle administration to shrimp feed

  • Conducted several challenge tests at leading certified laboratory, demonstrating significant improvement in survival rate against the lethal WSSV in shrimp (resistance to additional viruses is being tested)

Future Products

The acquired know-how and the innovative technology developed in ViAqua’s first product for shrimp will advance the development of additional products for other shellfish and fish species.

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